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Die bekannten Retro Studios suchen neue, kreative Köpfe für ihr Team. Die Retro Studios wurden 1998 gegründet und entwickeln exklusiv für Nintendo Konsolen - kein Wunder, gehören sie unlängst zu 100% zu Nintendo. Sie bezeichnen sich selbst als State of the Art Game Development Studio und haben bislang zwei Spiele entwickelt. Dabei handelt es sich um Metroid Prime und Metroid Prime 2: Echoes für den Nintendo GameCube. Beide Spiele wurden von den Kritikern und den Spielern begeistert aufgenommen und gehören heute zu den Top 10 der GameCube Spiele. Das nächste Projekt der Retro Studios wird wohl ein Revolution Titel sein.
Die Retro Studios wurden bereits mit mehreren hochwertigen Preisen der Videospiele Branche ausgezeichnet, u.a. mit dem Game Developer's Choice Awards für das beste Newcomer Studio und das beste Leveldesign in einem Spiel.
Ansässig ist das Studio in Austin, Texas in den USA. Auf der offiziellen Homepage heißt es, dass sie nur im Namen des Guten handeln, dass sie liebreizende Stimmen haben und dass die Macht immer mit ihnen sein wird.
Solltet ihr also Interesse haben, müsst ihr wohl fließend Englisch sprechen, deshalb könnt ihr euch die Stellenanzeigen auch in dieser Sprache durchlesen.
Jobs: Storyboard Artist
Location: Austin TX
Description: Defines and develops storyboards. Work with technical staff and animators in the development of visual look of games. Collaborate with Lead Artist in the development of promotional concepts.
Requirements: include a minimum 1-2 years experience in film, comics, or game industry; specifically creating storyboards and/or panels describing action sequences, character emotions, etc. Good knowledge of cinematography. Must be able to work in a team environment. Experience working on world and/or character concepts. Experience developing story ideas. Demo reel submission is required. Small sample of work on VHS or CD. Demonstrate creative talent through 4-8 storyboards describing different types of scenes (ie. action, emotion, intro, ending) that display visual movement and camera cuts. Color submission preferred in order to show lighting detail and special effect sources. Scenes shown should exhibit different levels of atmosphere (ie. great heights, claustrophobia, large expansive scenes, great distance to up close, etc.)

Title: Animator - Level 1 or Level 2
Location: Austin TX
Description: Creates a variety of characters from simple single bone rigs to complex bi-ped setups. Work with designers and other artists to determine move sets. May handle scripting of linked moves for Cinematic Department.
Requirements: include a minimum 1-2 years experience in character animation; Good working knowledge of 3D character movement, Must be able to work in a team environment, Familiarity with Maya, binding, animating, and modeling, Scripting knowledge helpful (basic layout, or use of a world editor-type program). Demo reel submission is required. Small sample of work on VHS or CD. Demonstrate walk cycle, attack and reaction in 3D movement for 2-4 different style characters (bi-ped and up). 2-4 looping complex moves (ie. swinging an axe, wolf running, etc.) that portray the attitude of the given character. Realistic movement

Title: Level Designer
Location: Austin TX
Description: Create world geometry with concentration on gameplay mechanics. Collaborate with the Lead Designer on creating gameplay situations and puzzles. Communicate with the Art and Engineering department on technical specifications and content details.
Requirements: include a minimum 3-4 years experience in designing levels for 3D video games. Knowledge of Maya is a plus. Must be able to work in a team environment and take direction well. Demo reel submission is required. Provide a small sample of work featured from at least one published title. Screen shots and/or game demos preferred.

Title: Level 3 Tools Programmer
Location: Austin TX
Description: Create tools to improve productivity for the various departments. Collaborate with the department heads to identify pipeline/workflow/interface improvements and estimate cost of development for said improvements.
Requirements: include a minimum of 5 years professional C experience and 2 titles shipped. (Consol perferred) Special Effects a strong bonus. Knowledge of Maya scripting and plugins a plus. Knowledge of C# a plus. Must be able to work in a team environment and take direction well. List of titles shipped.

Title: Concept Artist
Location: Austin TX
Description: Develop most characters for every game title the company produces. Present multiple original ideas to art lead based on design spec. Work with animators on any technical issues regarding character movement. Do character orthographic views and work with modelers to determine layout of creatures. Possibly work with the lead artist on world designs and concepts for promotional and in game work. Must be able to produce a large amount of work in unfinished state quickly and with a variety of ideas.
Requirements: Have 2-3 years of experience in the game industry, film industry, creative arts or similar profession. Good consistent style throughout all concepts, good knowledge of overall color schemes, great knowledge of anatomy. Must be able to work with a team of people to develop a wide variety of characters for next-generation hardware. Must be open to doing orthographic views, multiple views of a model (full color for all is not necessary). Must be familiar with working at print resolution sizes for marketing needs. Must be able to follow a consistent theme throughout a project, working closely with multiple departments and the art lead to maintain the overall desired feeling and look for the characters.

Title: World Artist
Location: Austin TX
Description: The World Artist reports to the team's Lead Artist on all aspects pertaining to planning, scheduling, and execution of the assigned project's design. The World Artist must also report to the team's Lead Artist on all CG quality issues and established CG department processes. They must be able to execute direction from the team's Lead Artist, and in many occasions from the team's Senior Artists, in a productive and professional manner with considerable supervision. The World Artist must have the ability to function effectively and efficiently within the product development environment. They must adhere to the product development schedule as dictated by the Project Manager and the Lead Artist.
Requirements: Have 2-3 years experience in 3D world modeling for the game industry. Utilize good use of space and scale within a level, with special attention to detail elements i.e. - how do things work together - whats the history behind them and how will they illicit cool game-play? Must be able to give depth to the levels, have a very good knowledge of lighting, and be able to create highly detailed custom textures while following a designed color palette for any given world. Traditional art training is a plus.

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