GameCube Café kündigt E3 2005 DVD an!

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Wie GameCube Café heute mitgeteilt hat, werden sie eine DVD über den E3 Auftritt von Nintendo rausbringen. Es soll nicht nur eine Traileransammlung sein, sondern vor Ort von der Messe berichten. Die Atmosphäre der größten Videospielmesse wird so eingefangen, als wäre man live dabei.
Die DVD  wird vier Stunden Material beinhalten, mit dabei die heißerwartete Nintendo Pressekonferenz, bei der unter Anderem The Legend of Zelda und der Nintendo Revolution vorgestellt wird. Die E3 2005 DVD wird vorraussichtlich mitte Juni erscheinen.
Die wohl größte Überraschung ist, dass GameCube Café die Nintendo Pressekonferenz live vom Grand Ballroom in dem Hollywood und Highland Komplex übertragen wird. Selbstverständlich wird das ganze kostenfrei sein.
Offizielle Pressemitteilung:
To inlude everything

Albany, NY - May, 10th - GameCube Café is pleased to officially announce its E3 2005 DVD Documentary, which has been in planning and development for over a year now. The Café's DVD will be more than simply a compilation of game trailers assembled and put onto a DVD. GCCafé will, for the first time, bring to the public the true E3 experience. The atmosphere of the biggest electronics and gaming convention in the world will come alive in your living room when the DVD is released mid-June.

The DVD will include four hours of the best footage you could possibly want from the event. Showcased by one of the most anticipated Nintendo Media Briefings ever held, The Legend of Zelda, and the revealing of the Revolution, GameCube Café's DVD will be the spotlight on the Nintendo gaming world the month after E3. The DVD is the true E3 experience, and with that you will become a part of the Café when you watch it. You will get to meet the staff, see what we do, what games we like, and how we entertain ourselves outside of the Convention Center.

The footage put on the DVD will be exclusive game play video that you won't be able to find anywhere else but on the Café's DVD; but that doesn't mean that the free content of will suffer. GameCube Café will have triple the FREE media content that it had last year. Previously, GCCafé dominated not only the free-based gaming websites with their E3 content, but they took even the pay sites by surprise by having high resolution video for free. The Café's strive for free content on the website, and their drive and desire to bring you the best for free will make you realize that the content on the DVD is far greater than anything you could find anywhere on the internet. The highest quality footage will be included on the DVD, captured using direct feed audio and video at brilliant DVD quality, something that no website will be able to give you.

The biggest surprise yet is that GameCube Café will be streaming the Nintendo Media Briefing LIVE from the Grand Ballroom at the Hollywood and Highland complex in Los Angeles, California on May 17th at 9:30AM pacific time (12:30 PM eastern time). The Café will start streaming approximately five to ten minutes before the Media Briefing starts with a behind the scenes look at the Café and its E3 coverage. The Café will be the only place to catch the Nintendo Media Briefing live and for FREE. is where you want to be for the entire week of E3.

About Equipment Used for Production - GameCube Café will be using professional Canon GL-2 cameras for the Nintendo Media Briefing as well as the audio and video captured on the E3 show floor. High end professional equipment is being used throughout production and post-production. GameCube Café's own IT Director AJ Henderson will be the lead editor for the DVD. AJ is a professional editor who has been working in the industry for over eight years. For post-production we will be using two workstations; a high end Matrox workstation for high quality real-time non-linear video editing, and a high end Sonic DVD authoring workstation. GameCube Café's DVDs will be professionally replicated with a glass master and will include full color printing on both the boxart and the disk itself.

About GameCube Café - Attending their third E3, has continually proven themselves to be one of the leaders in the industry for high quality media, news, and content. GCCafé opened in June of 2002 and now has one of the largest reader bases of all the free based Nintendo news sites. Their effort to only bring the best has helped them grow extremely fast in a very short period of time and this effort will continue throughout their extensive coverage of the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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