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Unsere Kollegen von konnten ein Interview mit Hideo Kojima über Metal Gear Solid – The Twin Snakes führen und einige Interessante Dinge in Erfahrung bringen. So werden einige Levels geändert, damit die KI der Gegner angepasst werden kann. Jedoch werden keine allzu starken Veränderungen vorgenommen, da es sonst zu sehr vom Original abweichen könnte.

Zudem sollen die Fox Hound-Zwischengegner emotional verändert werden. Um diesen Bereich kümmert sich Ryuhei Kitamura, der für Filme wie Versus oder Alive verantwortlich war. So werden sämtliche Zwischensequenzen stark verändert oder neue Elemente eingebaut, die in der PSX Version nicht vorkamen. Der Trailer den es auf der E3 zu sehen gab, zeigte bereits wie sehr es sich verändert hat (Beispielsweise die Szene mit dem Cyborg Ninja).

Interview mit Hideo Kojima: More than ever, we're seeing a trend of remakes in the industry, making old games for new technology -- given this trend, have you thought of remaking other titles, like Policenauts?

Kojima: The answer is no, I wouldn't be doing that. The reason I'm doing Twin Snakes is that Nintendo approached us, saying "Would you do a Metal Gear game for us?" Mr. Miyamoto is a man I respect, I can't really say no to him. So then Nintendo, and Silicon Knights, and my friend Mr. Kitamura got involved in this collaboration, and I knew that we could create something new based on an old game. That's why we're doing it. We heard how Mr. Miyamoto introduced you to Silicon Knights, but how did Mr. Kitamura become involved with Twin Snakes?

Kojima: We were friends, and we'd always said we'd love to work together in the future someday. I don't know if you've seen the film Versus, but he's probably the man in Japan who's closest to Hollywood.
I came up with the script, obviously, so I gave him the script and asked him if he could work on Twin Snakes. Then, I asked him to take care of the cinemas. So he and his team came up with the storyboard -- he tells the actors what to do on the spot during the motion capture, he does all the direction, he basically does everything during the motion capture.
When we received the storyboards from Mr. Kitamura, it was totally different from what our original polygon demos were. Then, when we do the motion capture, it changes there. And when we put that in the final game, it changes even more. So when you see the cinemas in Twin Snakes, it'll be totally different from what you saw in the original Metal Gear. The motion capture took almost two months, including the rehearsal, and we were doing it every day. It's as much as three films, almost.
The polygon demos you see in the trailer and the playable version are the very first demos. Mr. Kitamura tried to respect my work with those, so he tried to be as loyal to the original demos as possible. So they don't look that different. But that's not what we wanted to do, so from maybe midway on, he changed it drastically -- he really explodes. In what ways does Mr. Kitamura's style differ substantially from the original game?

Kojima: Well, he said in his video message "fasten your seat belt." (laughs) My staff and the motion capture actors who worked on Metal Gear Solid 2 came to us when they saw the storyboards Mr. Kitamura had created -- they asked "Are we really going to do this? Is this okay?" I said "We're going to do it, why not?" The battle between Solid and Liquid Snake at the end of the game is...(makes excited hand gestures).
There's a thing called...I don't know, an air ram, it's a pneumatic thing that shoots people into the air. We used that -- it's pretty dangerous. With Twin Snakes adding all the new gameplay features from MGS2, how radically do the level designs and enemy designs have to change? How much will the gameplay experience differ from the original game?

Kojima: We're changing the stages to make sure than the enemy AI and the MGS2 actions that we're implementing are used effectively in the game, but we're not going to change it too drastically. This game is based on the original MGS, after all. As far as the characters, though, like the Fox Hound guys, their motions and such will totally change. Mr. Kitamura is changing those aspects a lot.


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