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Was wir auch für den europäischen Markt prophezeiten, wird nun in einer Pressemitteilung definitiv bestätigt: Ab dem 4. April wird auch hierzulande die 'Players Choice'-Serie ihr Comeback feiern.

Zu den offiziellen Titeln, die für 30 € in die 'Players Choice'-Reihe wandern, werden anfangs folgende drei gehören:

Luigi's Mansion
Super Smash Bros. Melee

Nicht zu vergessen ist aber auch das Angebot im Zeitraum vom 1. Februar bis 20. März:

Doshin the Giant
Disney's Magical Mirror: Mickey Mouse
NBA Courtside 2002

Diese Titel werden für 29.99 € neben der "GameCube + Gratis-Spiel"-Aktion angeboten und Gerüchten zufolge schon Ende Mai die 'Players Choice'-Reihe erweitern. Auch noch nicht dabei ist beispielsweise Wave Race: Blue Storm, das am 3. Mai auch schon einjähriges Bestehen auf dem europäischen Markt feiern kann.

Offizielle Pressemitteilung:


Nintendo are celebrating the best games of 2002 by introducing the Player's Choice range on 4th April 2003. Nintendo has selected some of the best-selling NINTENDO GAMECUBE games of 2002 and is offering them to gamers at an estimated retail price of around 30 Euros.

Games in the Player's Choice range currently include some of Nintendo's top classics Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pikmin as well as many more great games to be added in the near future.

Remember Luigi's Mansion? Now it is part of the Player's Choice range and is ready to be enjoyed once more. Explore a frightening ghost-filled mansion with Luigi as he hunts for his brother, Mario. Whether it's the spooky shadows or the lightening bolts illuminating the house, the creepy atmosphere will keep you alert from room to room and draw you straight into this game. With a host of appealing characters, great special effects and compelling gameplay, Luigi's Mansion delivers the quality of entertainment for which Nintendo is famous. GU rult [irgendwie]

Also included in this choice collection is the legendary Super Smash Bros. Melee, the game that sold over half a million copies across Europe and that saw the likes of Mario, Pikachu, Link and Yoshi come to blows. Players can select to stage these fights in some of the most famous backdrops in video gaming history. Grab Pikachu and send him rocketing into the skies at Mushroom Kingdom or slap Link on the perilous F-Zero racing tracks.

Or enter the weirdly wonderful world of the Pikmin. Players take the role of Captain Olimar, an astronaut whose spacecraft is forced to crash-land onto a new planet. You have 30 short days to rebuild the broken ship before the life-support system runs out, and you have eager little plant-like creatures called Pikmin to help you do it. This multi-tasked army will search for your ship, build bridges, knock walls downs with their heads, carry equipment and fend off nasty giant enemies by the dozen. Allow the boundaries of your imagination to be pushed to the limit!

Gameplay with Nintendo guarantees great visuals, cool soundtracks and familiar faces. And now you can play the best games for around 30 Euros.

Since the launch of NINTENDO GAMECUBE in May 2002, more than 1.5 million have been sold throughout Europe. The outstanding line up of over 80 games for 2003, starring the biggest names in interactive entertainment, guarantees continued success in the year to come.

The Player's Choice range for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE launches on 4th April, with games available for an estimated retail price of around 30 Euros.

Thomas Fontana 
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